Creatives Get Cooperative – Vivid Ideas 2017

ownership, language, structure and sharing for creatives in the new economy

Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar was a Vivid Ideas Exchange Event on Sunday 4 June, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Circular Quay, Sydney, and curated by Peter Tregilgas

The seminar was chaired by Peter, and had the following interactive panel of experts discussed the challenge of “language, ownership, structure and sharing for creatives in the new economy”:

  • Joshua Vial: Catalyst and co-founder of Enspiral global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Prof Ghil’ad Zuckerman: Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide
  • Dr Natalia Nikalova: Snr Lecturer & Researcher – Transdisciplinary Innovation organisational & management practices, strategy and innovation University of Technology Sydney
  • Jess Scully: Curator, policy thinker, festival director, media producer and former Vivid Ideas Curator and current Councillor for the City of Sydney, Jess is passionate about using creativity to inspire social change
  • Claire Marshall: Film maker & award-winning creative and experienced speaker & facilitator incl conferences such as Ouishare (Paris), Re:publica (Berlin) and Disrupt (Sydney)

Michel Bauwens – Co-founder of P2P Commons

Topic: Language

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Michel Bauwens – Co-founder of P2P Commons

Topic: Platform Co-operatives

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Janelle Orsi – Co-founder Sustainable Economic Law Center

Topic: Creative Platforms

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Janelle Orsi:  Co-founder Sustainable Economic Law Center

Topic: Cooperative & Creative Structures  

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Creatives Get Mutual – Vivid Ideas 2016

Creatives Get Mutual Seminar:

Business Models for the Creative Economy

The Creatives Get Mutual Seminar was designed for the creative industries and for anyone interested in the sharing economy, innovation and tech applications, to stimulate debate and provide practical tools to start up creative co-operative enterprises.

The arts and creative industries are by default: collaborative; and by choice: values and principle driven. Cities, technology and innovation have created new challenges for creative industries. The arts is the vanguard for creativity, but what are the opportunities for shared wealth in the ‘New Sharing Economy’?

Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Go Get, have all challenged traditional business models and government regulation through redistribution and sharing access to products or services. But ownership remains with a few rather than the many who provide the service.

Keynote speaker Janelle Orsi, a leader at the forefront of the movement to reclaim the internet – “Platform Cooperativism” – discussed how creative cooperatives can change the economy.

The seminar was held on 5 June 2016.

Keynote address – Janelle Orsi

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Keynote Address – James Chin Moody

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ABC Radio National Life Matters – Interview with Janelle Orsi

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Broadcast Tuesday 7 June 2016

ABC Radio National Big Ideas – Co-ops and the new economy 

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Broadcast Thursday 21 July 2016 8:05PM

Worker co-ops may be the solution to pitfalls of the sharing economy.

Anna Patty, Workplace Editor, SMH Business Day

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Published 12 June 2016

Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar

Topic: Full seminar 

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Creatives Get Mutual – Vivid Ideas 2016

Creatives Get Mutual Summit:

Practical Tools For Building Collaborative

The Creatives Get Mutual Summit was an interactive one-day conference designed to equip attendees with take home tools for setting up and running a collaborative creative business, with time to understand the practical challenges and explore the opportunities for creative industry practitioners to form collaborative businesses including co-operatives.

The Summit expanded on the issues discussed at the Creatives Get Mutual Seminar the previous day, with this hands-on workshop challenging the creative industries to find new ways to survive in the competitive environment of the new sharing economy. The Summit focused on shared ownership models for sustainable creative industries.

Janelle Orsi asked of the participants “Freelance journalists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, photographers, and other independent creatives, are facing shared struggles as it becomes increasingly difficult to build sustainable livelihoods while preserving the integrity of their work … What if creative professionals could own the means of their own production?” .

The Summit was held on 6 June 2016.

Keynote Address – Janelle Orsi

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Presentation – Robyn Donnelly

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Presentation – Joanne Jakovich

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Arts & Film History of Cooperatives

The Youtube clip presents the historical moment that Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks sign the contract for the United Artists in 1919.

United Artists Corporation was an American production and distribution company founded in 1919 by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks as a venture premised on allowing actors to control their own interests rather than being dependent upon commercial studios.

Source: Wikipedia

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Platform Cooperativism

Platform Cooperativism  was a seminar, curated and produced by Social Enterprise Services Australia.

It was held in Melbourne on 7 June 2016.

Keynote Address – Nathan Schneider

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Start-up co-operatives take on the Uber economy

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Published 7 June 2016

Nathan Schneider interviewed by Chris Taylor on ABC Sydney 702

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Broadcast 10 June 2016

A discussion: Internet of Ownership.

Renegade Economists, Radio 3CR

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Broadcast 8 June 2016

The Innovative Partnerships & Social Investment Forum was an event by Parramatta Council and the Western Sydney Community Forum. It was held at UNE FutureCampus in Church St, Parramatta on 17 February 2016.

Peter Tregilas spoke at the event on Innovative Partnerships through Cooperatives.

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The Sustainable Communities Conference was a one-day event connecting and supporting communities across the Hills Shire. It provided opportunities to discuss communities of interests and community planning, community governance, building social capital, improving community well-being and social services, strengthening collaboration and partnerships.

It was held at the Castle Hill RSL on 10 November 2015.

Peter Tregilas spoke at the event on Social Enterprise & Cooperatives – New ways forward for Communities.

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The then Co-operative Federation of NSW presented a Professional Development Seminar and Workshop “Co-operative Values … hands on social trading” for Co-operative Directors, Executives, Managers and Staff at the Peace Embassy, Chippendale on 30 October 2015.

It featured leaders at the forefront of values and ethical social business whose dynamic leadership strategies are generating results in building resilient communities.

Welcome and Context: Peter Tregilgas – Convenor

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Keynote Address – Ellen Michel
Executive Director, Co-operative Grocer Network, USA

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Being Really Great Grocers

Co-operative Grocer Network, USA

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Video duration: 8m 15s

Dr Joanne Jakovich
Urban innovation expert and founder of ‘SOUP’

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Dr Joanne Jakovich
What is a co-operative?

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Video duration: 1m 4s

Professor Greg Patmore
University of Sydney

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Co-operatives UK – What is a co-operative?

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Video duration:  1m 50s

Social Enterprise and Economic Development in Local Government

The Social Enterprise and Economic Development in Local Government was a one day workshop designed to provide elected members, executives, managers and field staff, particularly in the Economic Development, Community Development and Council Services sections, with an insight into Social Enterprise as a tool to
support the mutual Local Government objectives of economic and community development.

The workshop was presented by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) in February and April 2015, and curated by Peter Tregilgas.

Peter Tregilgas –  Workshop curator and facilitator
Context and scene setting

Link to presentation

Professor Jo Barraket – Director, CSI Swinburne
Swinburne University of Technology

Link to presentation

Mark Daniels – Social Traders

Link to presentation

Natasha Yemm – Manager, Social Investment and Development Fund

Commonwealth Department of Employment

Link to presentation

Ben Gales –  CEO Social  Enterprise Finance Australia

Link to presentation

Stephen Nash – Common Equity Housing

Link to presentation

Melinda Leth – Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
Ernst & Young (EY)

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Melina Morrison – CEO, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Link to presentation

Paula Brennan & Emina Hamzic, Economic Development Unit, City of Greater Dandenong

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Community Assets: The benefits and costs of community management and ownership
2006 Report from the UK Department for Communities and Local Government

Link to report

Enterprise solutions
New approaches to commissioning and public service mutuals: lessons from co-operative councils

2013 Report from the UK by the now closed RSA 2020 Public Services

Link to report

Greenwich Leisure Limited
Presentation on the story conversion of council owned leisure assets into a community owned enterprise

2001 from the UK

Link to report

Guidance for community owned and managed swimming pools

2009 UK resource on the conversion of local government swimming pools to community ownership

Link to report

Social Housing: Made Mutual

A 2011 UK Report by Mutuo on the creation of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Mutual

Link to report

People’s piers: co-operative and community solutions for heritage assets

A 2013 Co-operatives UK report

Link to report