mb-group-picConsidered by many as the father of Peer to Peer (P2P) and open source technologies practices Michel Bauwens returns to Sydney briefly in Oct 2016.  His focus is for integrative insights on the open technologies and the peer-to-peer practices to produce innovative, global techno-economic solutions to local problems.

Michel is an academic who has written extensively  and co-produced the 3-hour TV documentary Technocalyps, and co-edited the two-volume book on anthropology of digital society.  Belgian born Michel Bauwens is the founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives, P2P Foundation, a member of the Board of the Union of International Associations (Brussels), adviser to “Ouishare” (Paris) and “Shareable” magazine (San Francisco).

Michel Bauwens Bio: http://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Michel_Bauwens

He is an engaging speaker and keen to be involved in open events  to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing.  He is in Australia for innovative social development events at “Blue Sky Conference” (Gold Coast), RMIT (Melbourne) and “Open State (Adelaide – SA Government).

Michel Bauwens – Sydney Events

Mercury Cooperative and Social Enterprise Services are pleased to coordinate his time in Sydney where he will participate in several talks.  See below:

  • Business (not) as usual – Seminar Parramatta
  • BEAUTIFUL MINDS: How P2P will change the world.
  • Note New Event:  Anthropocene Transitions: Towards an Economics of Common Sense: A dialogue with Michael Bauwens (see below)

Business (not) as usual – Seminar Parramatta

In partnership with Parramatta and City Western Sydney Community Forum Parramatta has been chosen as the only open public event in NSW.generic-promo1



  • Date/Time:  Tues 11 Oct, 10am-12noon
  • Venue:  Riverside Theatres (Raffertys) Parramatta
  • Tickets & Registration:  www.goo.gl/pA8rCM

Download – materials to circulate:

NOTE: Bursary Support* – Limited complimentary registration spaces are available for Students, Collaborators and Cooperators who may not have financial resources to purchase a ticket … if you need to be at the seminar and require Bursary Support:

Register here*: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GZ875MF

Bursary support is made possible by the generosity of:

  • You:  Individuals & Organisations are encouraged to buy the “Group of 3” Tickets as “Pay Forward” Tickets to support bursary attendance.
  • Project Partners:  Western Sydney Community Forum, Parramatta City, Mercury Cooperative & Social Enterprise Services.

The Business (not) as Usual Seminar is suitable for private, government and community organisations and individual social innovators seeking to identify:

  • Community and private organisations providing client service seeking to refocus to a sustainable social enterprise & trading model including community transition business models for:
    • Social Enterprise
    • Platform Cooperative
  • Designed for Elected Members, Boards, Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Finance Officers and Policy Officers, Community and Government Leaders seeking to understand the concepts of the Sharing Economy, Peer to Peer and Commons Transition
  • The seminar will in addition provide participants with a brief workshop to challenge & explore opportunities for their organisation.

Speakers, Panelists & Facilitators include:

Michel Bauwens – International Leader of the Peer to Peer and Commons movement is the key note speaker and further specialist speakers on Social Enterprise & Platform Cooperatives to inspire participants with practical examples of community enterprise “sharing economy” platforms:

  • joint-logos-1






BEAUTIFUL MINDS: How P2P will change the world.

Experience firsthand the ideas of Michel Bauwens a global authority on the topics of P2P and Platform Cooperatives.


UTS: ICI & the Business School present an invitation only talk and short workshop with one of the most powerful global thinkers on the social, political, economic and psychological consequences of digital networks and the peer-to-peer revolution.

Sharing economy expert Michel is the founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives. He is an active writer and researcher who collaborates with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property.

Also a TV documentary-maker, co-editor of a two-volume book on the anthropology of digital society, co-author of the Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy, Primavera Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam and external expert at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Michel will share his deep insights and expertise on the commons P2P and Platform Cooperatives and global case studies.

Peter Tregilgas

Peter is the founder of Social Enterprise Services Australia encouraging sustainable market based trading with a social outcome and an operating philosophy he is also Chair of the Mercury Centre Cooperative, which brings together a network of specialist associates to build collaborative enterprises through evidence based research, strategic advice, communication and organisational structure. Peter will provide local perspectives.

Date and Time: 

  • Thu 13 October 2016, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


  • UTS Sydney Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, Building 8 Room: 8.03 (Access via Ultimo Road and Mary Ann Street in Ultimo), Sydney, NSW



Anthropocene Transitions:
Towards an Economics of Common Sense

A dialogue with Michael Bauwens,

Due to the demand for seats at the “Sold Out” UTS Event: How P2P will change the World.  A further event has been scheduled at the UTS Business School.

Date and Time: 

  • Thu 13 October 2016, 2:20 PM – 4:00 PM


  • UTS Business School Building Ultimo, Building 8 Room: 8.03 (Access via Ultimo Road and Mary Ann Street in Ultimo), Sydney, NSW
  • Room CB08.02.006


anthropocene-transtions-13-oct  Down Load PDF Invite: