Platform Cooperativism, 7 June 2016

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Platform Cooperativism Melbourne Seminar was Curated and Produced by:

Social Enterprise Services Australia
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Janelle Orsi

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Nathan Schneider

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Bank Australia


ABC - Life Matters (logo)ABC Radio National Life Matters: “The Dark Side of the Sharing Economy” Tues 7 June – Janelle Orsi (Click audio image for link – below)

 ABC - Life Matters (logo)


Start-up co-operatives take on the Uber economy, The Age, 7 June. (Click logo for link)


ABC 702Interview: Nathan Schneider by Chris Taylor, ABC Sydney 702, Afternoons. Fri 10 June. (Click audio image for link – below)

3CR - Melb

Internet of Ownership.  Renegade Economists, Radio 3CR, 8 June. (Click image for link)


ABC Big Ideas - logoABC Radio National Big Ideas – Co-ops and the new economy 

Broadcast Thursday 21 July 2016 8:05PM (view full episode)

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Platform Cooperativism is Curated and Produced by:Social Enterprise Services Australia

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