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How to make the ‘Uber’ economy work for people

A public seminar and panel discussion with leading experts from the new disruptive sharing economy. Internationally renowned new economy speakers Janelle Orsi, Nathan Schneider and Holly Ransom discuss shifting the sharing economy from extractive to distributive, shared ownership, and the future of work and community wealth.

What: Seminar incl Speaker presentations, Q&A style ‘on the couch’ panel and audience participation

  • Audience: Sharing economy enthusiasts, policy makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, ethical businesses, philanthropists, corporate and social responsibility advocates, co-operatives …
  • When: Tues 7 June 2016
  • Time: 11am-1pm (followed by network luncheon until 2pm)
  • Where: ACMI Cinema 1 (Federation Square) Flinders Street Melbourne

What is Platform Cooperativism?

The Platform Cooperativism movement is inspiring many in the US and is set to take hold in Australia.

Prime Minister Turnbull began his term exhorting voters “disruption driven by technology … is our friend”. Any grand statement begs a question … is the march to technology, under the guise of making our lives easier and more efficient and connected, or actually undermining secure employment participation and concentrating massive wealth in a new tech elite? Who benefits?

Companies like Uber demonstrate the case for Platform Cooperativism.  The new “sharing” economy terminology has captured a perception of the “fair go”. They may market themselves as a friendly underdog, but they are still playing the same old game; extracting profit and exploiting the labour market for a few external investors. Real disruption would be to change the extractive platform with a worker-owned app that provides the same service but offers fair and generative distribution.

This important event will address the future of work, the capacity for shared ownership to build community wealth. Can we reclaim the language and build community wealth together – establishing networked co-operatives, collaborative and employee-owned ventures with new platform based applications? Drawing from global examples our speakers will demonstrate the reality of Platform Cooperativism in action.


Hear from international speakers:

  • Janelle Orsi: Direct from the US via ‘Creatives Get Mutual’ Vivid Sydney/Ideas. An influential “sharing lawyer”, author and Co-founder of the Sustainable Economy Law Center [SELC] (San Francisco).  Co-convenor of Platform Cooperativism (NY-Nov15), thought-leader and cartoonist who specialises in co-operative law.
  • Nathan Schneider:  Direct from the US via Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Pope Francis 2016 Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.  Writer, editor, and Professor of media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Prominent in the Occupy and Platform Cooperativism movements and Catholic thought-leader incl author of articles and books ranging from ‘God in proof’ to the ‘Occupy apocalypse’.
  • Holly Ransom: PLEASE NOTE: Regrettably Holly has had to withdraw, due to unforeseen circumstances. As Chair of the United Nations Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs her attendance is required at a consultation meeting providing input into the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Holly apologises and has asked to be kept informed of the Seminar outcomes that may be applied in her sphere of influence.  The organisers apologies for any inconvenience

Seminar MC and Panel Speakers

MC: Van Badham: (The Guardian) Vanessa “Van” Badham is a writer and social commentator. A playwright and novelist, she writes dramas and comedies. She is a regular columnist for Guardian Australia speaker & social media campaign strategist.

Michel Bauwens: will launch the event via Skype. A respected global peer-to-peer theorist and founder of the Thai-based “p2p Foundation”, Michel focuses on three specific realms crucial to a Commons-Based Economy – ecological sustainability, open knowledge and social solidarity.

The following individuals will join our speakers “on the couch” for a Q&A style panel discussion interacting with each other encouraging questions and participation from the audience and via twitter.
Antony McMullen:  Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA).
Melina Morrison: CEO of Australian Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM)
Godfrey Moase: Asst. Secretary of the Vic. branch of the National Union of Workers (NUW).


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Associate Supporters: Catholic Social Services Victoria, Employee Ownership Australia & NZ
Produced/Curated: Social Enterprise Services Australia.

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But wait … there’s more cooperative collaboration!!

Catholic Diocese Event - Mon 6 June (half)Creating a Culture of Mercy in Public Life.

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne presents an Interview with Nathan Schneider by Frank Brennan sj.

Venue: Oratory, Newman College, 887 Swanston Street, Parkville
Date: Mon 6th June
Time: 5-6.30pm
Cost: Donation

Download: Nathan Schneider Interview with Frank Brennan SJ (002)

Sharing Value & Ownership for the Common Good- Building the Commons Economy new

Sharing Value & Ownership for the Common Good: Building the Commons Economy.


The Commons Transition Coalition is holding a follow-up extended workshop event featuring Nathan Schneider to bring together local practitioners working on projects to activate the Commons Economy in alliance with innovators from around the world.

Venue: Church of All Nations (CAN), 180 Palmerston St, Carlton
Date: Friday 10th June, 2-5pm
Cost: $15 Full / $10 Conc/Student

  • NOTE: Attendees of the Platform Cooperativism Seminar can attend this workshop at no cost.

Platform Cooperativism Melbourne Seminar is Curated and Produced by:Social Enterprise Services Australia

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