Michel Bauwens – Sydney October 2016:
Seminar & Presentations
10-13 October 2016, Sydney
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Vivid Sydney/Ideas 2016:
Creatives Get Mutual Seminar & Summit
5-6 June 2016, Sydney
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Platform Cooperativism Melbourne Seminar
7 June 2016, Melbourne
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Social and Values Based Enterprises

“Social enterprise is a means by which people come together and use market-based ventures to achieve agreed social ends. It is characterised by creativity, entrepreneurship and a focus on community rather than individual profit. It is a creative endeavour that results in social, financial, service, educational, employment or other community benefits.”

Peter Tregilgas et al Social Enterprise in Australia”, Published Adelaide Central Mission 2002

Social Enterprise in Australia has a long history of community ownership and managing markets though collaborative common bond. Cooperatives and mutual societies formed to ensure their members gained and controlled their own wealth. The challenges of social enterprise in Australia today remains – to be sustainable they need to operate with a clear market focus.

The creation of community wealth is a shared opportunity. Trading for social benefit can only be done with sound and ethical commercial practice. Social Enterprises are businesses.

Social Enterprise Services Australia has been established assist Community, Not for Profits, Business and Government to engage with Social Enterprise promoters to build opportunity.

The philosophy of Social Enterprise Australia is:

Mainstream, Make Money, Make a difference!

  • Mainstream: Access and utilise commercial business marketing and techniques
  • Make money: Acknowledge the market and build sustainable wealth
  • Make a difference: Aspire to measurable changesocialEntmodel